Brazilian modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer's swoops and arches in reinforced concrete are a testament to the material's sculptural quality. For the Country wide Museum of Brazil, Niemeyer designed what resembles a planet embedded in the ground, the spouse of the sphere created with a reflection in an adjacent pool. For instance: If an area proced… Read More

Council's Environmental Health Unit are in charge of ensuring that the assembly and alteration of septic reservoir systems throughout the Shire are relative to the current Environment Protection Specialist (EPA) Code of Practice - Septic Tanks and relevant EPA Certificates of Agreement. It's important that these systems do not damage the surroundin… Read More

A septic container is a chamber used for the retention and partial treatment of home wastewater. Effluent from the container is discharged to the land through perforated pipes under the earth surface. A septic fish tank can be used wherever ground characteristics are ideal and where there is enough earth depth above the bottom water table. The popu… Read More

Site suitability examination and amount of occupants at a residence will largely determine the system and septic tank design and at Septic systems Ireland we supply and mount the Bio Cell selection of septic tanks & septic system parts. The Bio Cell normal water range of Septic tanks offer less expensive when comparing septic tank prices and septic… Read More